Multi-Engine Aeroplane Class Rating & Baron General Competency Training

Complete your Multi-Engine Aeroplane Class Rating on a Beechcraft Baron for the same cost as a training twin. Ask us about our payment plans!

Experience in a Charter Aircraft

At FAST Aviation, we conduct Multi-Engine Aeroplane (MEA) Class Rating training in our Beechcraft Barons (including our B58). We also provide Baron general competency training and MEA flight reviews for students who already hold an MEA Class Rating.

Invest In Your Career

The course estimate includes all briefing, flight training and flight testing costs.

Estimated Cost for MEA Class Rating $7000 inc GST

Need More Training?

We can also offer package deals, for example by combining the Instrument Rating with the initial Multi-Engine Class Rating. The total cost can be up to $3000 less compared with completing the qualifications separately. Ask us for a quote.