About Us

 FAST Aviation was established in 2016 in response to local and regional demand for professional aircraft charter and advanced pilot training. We have grown steadily and safely from a single Beechcraft Baron aircraft and one owner pilot/instructor, to three company-owned Beechcraft Barons and five full time pilots/instructors.  We are fortunate to be able to attract quality and committed staff who have experience in many aspects of commercial aviation, from entry level general aviation to wide-body airline training & checking. We hold an Air Operators Certificate from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for Part 135 air transport operations (previously known as charter operations), as well as a Part 141 Certificate for flight training. The company is proudly Northern Rivers based and locally owned.

Our Core Values are Safety, Efficiency & Professionalism.

Izaac Flanagan

Founder, Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Izaac graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Aviation degree in 2002. He has held a Commercial Pilot Licence since 2000, and currently holds an Air Transport Pilot Licence (Aeroplane), a Flight Examiner Rating, an Instrument Rating (Multi-Engine Aeroplane), a Grade 1 Flight Instructor Rating with numerous endorsements including Instrument Rating & Multi-Engine Training, an Aerial Application Rating and a Low Level Rating. He has logged over 7500 flying hours with around 5000 hours multi-engine pilot-in-command. In early 2023, he completed a Master in Aviation Management through The University of New South Wales, focusing on safety management.

With over 20 years of aviation industry experience, he has experience in many areas of general aviation, from parachuting & glider towing through to agricultural operations (crop spraying & top dressing), flight instruction, flight testing and multi-engine IFR piston & turbine charter. He established FAST Aviation in 2016, in response to demand for industry-relevant advanced pilot training, and he maintains an extensive network of GA industry contacts. He is often contacted for references and recommendations when companies have pilot vacancies to fill.

In addition, Izaac has degrees in medicine and surgery from The University of Queensland and postgraduate qualifications in aviation medicine and general practice. He has practiced as a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) since 2008.

Annie Brock

Head of Operations (Part 141 Flight Training) & Charter Pilot

Annie completed her MEA & MEIR training with us in early 2019, and then worked as a management instructor at a large flight training organisation at Archerfield until returning to work for us as a Grade 1 flight instructor & flight examiner trainee. In March 2023, Annie was promoted to the position of Head of Operations for the company Part 141 operations. Annie has over 2000 hours of flying experience with over 500 hours multi-engine PIC.

Tom Rogers

Flight Examiner & Flight Instructor

One of the most likeable guys you will ever meet, Tom is one of our staff Flight Examiners and Instructors. Tom can test for RPL, PPL, CPL, MEA Class Ratings, Instrument Ratings & Flight Instructor Ratings. Tom has worked as a Grade 1 flight instructor and examiner for many years, originally in Adelaide and then around South East Queensland.

Shane McCubbin

Flight Examiner & Flight Instructor

Shane is a well-known and popular Flight Examiner who has been based at Wellcamp for the last few years. Prior to moving north he worked as an examiner, Grade 1 flight instructor and charter pilot in Victoria for over 20 years. He has logged over 8,500 flying hours. We welcomed Shane as our third flight examiner in January 2024.

Anthony Lee

Consultant Flight Instructor and Check & Training Pilot

Anthony currently works for Boeing as a B737 & B787 Global Engagement Pilot, a role that involves ferrying and then training and assisting airlines around the world to introduce their new aircraft to service. He has flown everything from piston singles on training, to piston twins on charter, to turboprops and jets internationally in an airline environment. Before moving to Boeing, he was a Check & Training Captain and Type Rating Instructor on the B777 at Virgin Australia, and he also flew the B737 as a Training Captain. Anthony has a passion for flight instruction and loves sharing his experience and knowledge with our students, and we are fortunate that he enjoys instructing on our sims and on our Barons between his rotations with Boeing.

Anthony holds an Air Transport Pilot Licence, a Grade 1 Flight Instructor Rating with Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating and many other training approvals, a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating, and type ratings on B777/787, B737, Dash 8 & Shorts 360. He has logged over 15,000 hours of flight time.

Fast Aviation Instructor

Oscar Crosara

Consultant Flight Instructor

Oscar is a current B200/B350 King Air line pilot with the Victorian Air Ambulance. He holds a Commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument Rating (Multi-Engine) & Flight Instructor Rating with Design Feature, Instrument Rating & Multi-Engine Training Endorsements. Oscar has logged over 2500 hours flying time with us, with over 2000 hours multi-engine pilot in command.

Oscar was the first employee of our business, and he maintains a passion for the company and for teaching. We welcome Oscar back to share his experience and expertise with our students on his roster breaks.

Brad Buys

Flight Instructor & Charter Pilot

Brad has a background in multi-IFR charter and survey flying. He holds a Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and a Flight Instructor Rating with Multi-Engine & Instrument Rating training endorsements. He has logged over 3000 flying hours, with over 1000 hours multi-engine PIC.

Alistair Waters

Flight Instructor & Charter Pilot

Al worked as a single-engine VFR and multi-engine IFR charter pilot in the NT and Torres Strait before returning to the east coast to work as a flight instructor. He holds a Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and a Flight Instructor Rating with Multi-Engine & Instrument Rating training endorsements. He has logged over 1500 flying hours.