Training myths dispelled!

VET-FEE flight school myths

Here are some facts that your CPL VET-FEE flight school doesn't want you to know!

1. You don’t have to stay with your VET-FEE CPL school for your MEA Class Rating & Instrument Rating training. MEA/MEIR are separate courses from CPL. Many schools try to lock you into a “double diploma” (CPL & MEIR) to keep your money in their system.

2. MEA/MEIR training doesn’t have to cost $40K-$50K. It can be done for $30K or less, even with well-equipped Barons.

3. MEA/MEIR training doesn’t need to take 4-6 months. It can be completed in 3-4 weeks if the provider has a stable roster of quality staff and reliable, owned aircraft. If a school frequently loses instructors and students, find out why. It’s a red flag if employees go elsewhere for training their own employer offers.

4. Diploma qualifications aren’t needed for jobs with any GA or airline employer in Australia or elsewhere, including the Qantas group. This system is inefficient and exists mainly as a revenue model for schools. Our graduates work for Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, and many others. You don’t need a Diploma of Aviation for these jobs!

5. Where and what you train on matters. GA employers prefer candidates trained on relevant aircraft with instructors who provide real-world commercial insights. Training on irrelevant aircraft (like Diamonds) makes you a less attractive hire.

6. There are alternatives to VET loans. We offer a solution without inflated prices, indexation to inflation, or interest.

We’re biased of course and would love you to train with us.

Either way, we recommend that you consult widely before choosing where to complete your post-CPL advanced training – talk to your colleagues working in the industry (at all levels), talk to previous students of your short-listed schools, read reviews (or ask for opinions) on the popular aviation social media pages, and talk to industry employers, but take what your current school tells you with a grain of salt!

We’ve heard all sorts of myths and mistruths from students that have left these schools and come to train with us – it is not surprising that these schools don’t seem to like us much and are happy to offer a negative and often misleading opinion to anyone that will listen!