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Introducing Anthony Lee!

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Checked to line! Introducing Anthony Lee…….Anthony has joined us as an instructor and charter pilot! Anthony has flown an incredible array of multi-engine aircraft on IFR charter, RPT and training operations, from the De Havilland Dove & Shrike through to Dash 8, B737, B747 & B777! Most recently he worked as a B777 Type Rating Instructor and Check & Training Captain at Virgin. Their loss is our gain!! There are certainly some impressive resumes getting around in GA at the moment – Anthony’s got my attention as he had extensive GA experience prior to moving to the airlines, both in training and charter operations. Extensive GA experience outside of the flying school environment is a must for us. At interview, he impressed me with his humble down to earth personality (we don’t have room for big egos or flashy personalities) and his calm friendly demeanour. He also flies a Baron very well! I feel very fortunate to have snagged the two instructors I now have on staff. Anthony will be able to provide our multi-engine IFR students with insights and perspectives that I can only dream about – not many people get the opportunity to command a twin engine jet across the Pacific Ocean! Welcome Anthony!!

IREX Theory

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We now offer online IREX theory (including a bank of practice exam questions), and face-to-face tuition if desired. The online material will be available FREE to our Instrument Rating students, and the tuition will be provided by Qantas B737 FO Pete Pollard.